Welcome to ACIP - VA Chapter.

Our Mission:

"To promote and support the welfare of International Medical Graduates and related Health Professionals in Virginia – through Continuing Medical Education, Fellowship, Friendship and Networking Activities."

A message from the current President:

Inspired by Dr. Rano Bonfill from West Virginia, Dr. Manuel Hipol organized a group of physicians in 1996. The first members and officers were inducted in March 1997, establishing the Virginia Chapter.

Our organization represents International Graduates in Medicine, Nursing and related Healthcare Professions practicing in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We are members of the national American College of International Physicians (ACIP). Although we come from different national backgrounds, we are Americans.

Our focus is primarily on our local and state communities. We will help our members in the following areas:

  1. Continuing Medical Education – by organizing accredited educational meetings and by referring them to appropriate CME events offered by other organizations.
  2. Friendship & Fellowship – by providing an open meeting place for members from different countries, nationalities and backgrounds with equality and respect for all.
  3. Networking – by creating links and alliances between members, their practices and other organizations at the local, state and national levels to facilitate the exchange of ideas, upcoming events, employment needs and opportunities.
  4. Website – by continuously updating this internet site to reflect our various activities, upcoming events and networking needs.
  5. National ACIP – by working with the national ACIP leadership to help and protect the general membership in areas of credentialling, licensure and discrimination.

The 2001-2002 Administration will promote the concept of “International Graduates giving back to America” through “Pro Bono Service” – free service for the good of the community. We will encourage our members to volunteer their talents and time to the care of patients with little or no health insurance. Three target Free Care Clinics include: the Chesapeake Free Care Clinic, the Portsmouth Free Care Clinic, and the Virginia Beach Free Clinic, all in Hampton Roads. Members in other areas of the state will be encouraged to volunteer at similar facilities in their area. We will also assess the laws on Restrictive Covenants currently in force in Virginia, how they may adversely affect our membership and what can be done to ameliorate the situation.

If you want to join our organization and become a member, do not hesitate, read our Bylaws and Constitution and contact us by following the link on the left pane.

Finally, please join me in recognizing our past presidents:

  1. Manuel A. Hipol, M.D.

  2. Eleadora M. Ignacio, M.D.
With best regards,

Edilberto O. Pelausa, M.D.
President ACIP-VA